Fat in the News

As I come across inspiring, interesting and fat-positive articles I’ll be sure to post them here. All resources, such as fat-friendly clothing stores, fitness ideas and fellow bloggers can be found on the Resources page.

Is the “fat acceptance” movement losing? Salon.com. June 25, 2013.
Interesting take on gastric bypass with celebrities (Chris Christie, Paula Deen) and fat shaming instead of lifestyle shaming. Often people look to being overweight and obese as a prime suspect in premature death (as they cite with James Gandolfini), but they overlook other premature lifestyle deaths, like that of Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger and many others – being overweight is not an indicator that someone lives with lifestyle issues, it’s just simply that their body maintains at a larger size. There may be lifestyle issues – but gastric bypass won’t change them, like that of Paula Dean and Chris Christie.

Calling someone ‘fatty’ or ‘obese’ a hate crime in Britain. Daily News and Analysis. May 30, 2012.
Appearance based discrimination a hate crime? It might be on par with racism, gender discrimination, disability and other discrimination under the Equalities Act 2010 according to Britain’s Parliament.

Can BPA Make You Fat? Mother Jones. May 30, 2012.
The food industry tells us we’re fat because we eat too much, but what if chemical exposure is changing how we metabolize? Find out about BPAs in this riveting (yet short) article.

Excerpt: According to University of Missouri biologist and notorious BPA researcher Frederick vom Saal, it also affects how the body deals with fat. “BPA reduces the number of fat cells but programs them to incorporate more fat, so there are fewer but very large fat cells, vom Saal recently told Environmental Health Perspectives. “BPA exposure is producing in animals the kind of outcomes that we see in humans born light at birth: an increase in abdominal fat and glucose intolerance.”

Overweight women experience obesity stigma even after weight loss, study finds. Fox News. May 30, 2012.
Can weight loss or the perceived simplicity of controlling ones weight change how people perceive someone’s attractiveness? Research from the University of Hawaii suggests yes. In a recent survey, participants were shown images of beautiful, healthy people at an “average” weight, told they’ve always been at an average weight and can easily control it. Participants ranked them highly attractive. When shown similar images but told that the person was once fat, the participants ranked them as less attractive.

Lack of Willpower Not a Factor in Obesity Epidemic. Bay Citizen. May 9, 2012.
The IOM (institute of medicine) released a hefty (478-page) report examining more than 800 obesity prevention strategies – many of which could work together to reinforce positive impacts and improve healthy habits among Americans. Some recommendations include providing tax incentives to developers to build sidewalks in communities and setting nutritional standards for food, beverage, and restaurant industries. Read the IOM press release here.

Israel’s skinny model ban: New law requires body mass index of 18.5 or a doctor’s note. The Cutline, Yahoo News. March 20, 2012
A new law passed in Israel on Monday (3/19/2012) requiring male and female models to have a body mass index (or BMI, a measure of weight proportionate to height) of no less than 18.5—a standard used by the World Health Organization.

Focus on Fitness, Not Weight. Texas CEO Magazine. January 15, 2012.
A fantastic op-ed piece about the increasingly popular to use a “carrot and a stick approach” for benefits cost savings in businesses. Benefits are more expensive for those who are perceived as unhealthy – as if  “fines” will encourage people to be more “healthy.”

Striking a Pose for Girth. New York Times. May 13, 2009
A fantastic article about yoga for fat people and the rise of fat-focused yogis in New York.

Fat chance: It’s not easy  for obese worker. MSNBC.com. January 26, 2007


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